Over the past years we have been extremely lucky to have built some outstanding relationships with our patients and their families. Below are some of the comments they expressed about the special care they received.

Testimonial from the Sharon J. Holt

Our Mom had a major fall in July 2010 that dramatically changed all of our lives.   After she was in the hospital and then in rehabilitation for several weeks, her doctor advised she would need 7x24 hour assistance, and could no longer safely live on her own.  The news was devastating to the family.  Our Mom had loved her home, her independence and her lifestyle so very much.

We began looking for a loving, comfortable, clean place for our Mom.   We looked at many options, including 7x24 hour care at home (far too costly), and several large Assisted Living Facilities (not the right atmosphere).  It seemed like nothing would be quite right for our Mom and our hearts were heavy.   

Then a wonderful organization called ‘A Place for Mom’ recommended a Residential Assisted Living option, and one place they suggested looking at was Christian Assisted Living.  We scheduled a meeting and a walkthrough with Steve and Sherry, the owners, and we immediately knew we found the right place for our Mom.   Our search was over.   The place is beautiful and clean, and we saw that the residents were treated kindly and with respect.  The atmosphere was warm, and it felt like a family home, not a facility.

Although the move was initially difficult for our Mom, she adapted quickly.   She was treated with love and compassion by Steve, Sherry and the caregivers.  She had great meals, wonderful snacks, and good company throughout her stay.   We even decorated her room to look like her own bedroom at her house.  In addition, our Mom had planned visits from a doctor, her hair was done on a regular basis, and she had scheduled manicures and pedicures. 

After living at Christian Assisted Living for almost 6 months, our Mom’s health declined due to natural causes.   The doctor then advised us that our Mom should begin receiving end of life Hospice care.   Although that was an extremely difficult phase, we will be eternally grateful that our Mom did not need to move to a Hospice facility.  She was able to receive end of life care at Christian Assisted Living.  Our Mom was treated with extreme gentleness, care and compassion.  She was constantly surrounded by her family, and there were no visitation time limits.   Even at the very end we were able to be with our Mom in her beautiful, homey bedroom.   We saw some of the caregivers softly weep when they would leave her room after helping to care for her.

We miss our Mom so very much, and although we are grieving our incredible loss, we are grateful for the kindness and love Steve, Sherry and their wonderful staff showed our Mom and us.   They always treated our Mom and the other residents with dignity and respect.  We are truly comforted knowing our Mom was living in such a loving, caring environment. 

We are still in touch with Steve and Sherry, and we plan to continue our relationship with them.  They will forever have a place in our hearts.

Sharon J. Holt

Sr. Director, Technology Solutions Travelport GDS - Fares and Pricing

Testimonial from the Jensen Family

It is a difficult decision to make. Where will your mother or father live when they can no longer live alone?

When the time came for our mother to move into a care facility we looked at a number of places. We toured facilities, talked with management and caregivers, and inquired about costs. Most of the facilities were bigger than we wanted, and felt very institutional. We decided that these facilities were probably not what we wanted for our mother.

Then serendipity intervened. We learned about a “home” managed by Steve and Sherry. Our family spoke with them and decided that this was the place we wanted for Mom. But more importantly, it was a place where Mom thought she’d be comfortable living. Mom flourished and became close with Steve and Sherry and her house mates, and very much liked the caring family environment.

When Steve and Sherry opened their own “home” facility, Mom and her roommate who had become good friends, eagerly to joined them. Mom’s quality of life was great. She was pampered, cared for and loved. For Steve and Sherry, Mom’s best interest, as well as that of everyone else in the home, was always the most important thing. The medical care, the time spent with everyone, the social interaction, the hugging, the smiling, the love, were all key to the happiness and comfort that Mom enjoyed at the Christian Assisted Living Home.

When Mom passed away in 2010, she had become family with Steve, Sherry, and the other caregivers. We are grateful for all that they did. Under their care, the final years of her life were as good as she deserved.

We will always have warm thoughts and respect for Steve and Sherry, and for all of the wonderful caregivers who did so much for our mother.

With love, gratitude and appreciation,
The Jensen Family

                          Steve Torres, Administrator, 303-668-6249