Christian Assisted Living has built a strong reputation for excellence in caring for the elderly. With the help of our supporting churches, we provide our residents with guidance and a continuum of care that will ease their transition into different stages of need.Christian Assisted Living Homes provides each resident with the assistance they need while supporting their independent lifestyle. It provides flexibility, offering residents a multitude of activities and lifestyle choices. Most importantly, it provides residents with a sense of caring and community, in a Christian atmosphere, that will improve their quality of life.


Skilled Staff

Christian Atmosphere

Elder Care

We have skilled professional staff at our residential facilities where patients can receive nursing services 24 hours a day.
"At Christian Assisted Living Homes, we seek to glorify God by providing ethical
and excellent nursing care for our residents."
Elder care includes Respite Care, Day Care and Long Term Care iwth nursing care, palliative care, and hospice care. Our Patients are under supervision with a wide range of supporttive personal care provided by our professional staff.

                          Steve Torres, Administrator/Owner, 303-668-6249